Mobile – Success is in the User Experience

Mobile continues to grow as a channel for media consumption, with 2 of the 4 media channels in that category (phones and tablets) currently. It can be the first experience for a consumer to visit your brand, your business and decide if they are going to continue shopping or look elsewhere. The latest report from Mary Meeker shows aggressive growth in mobile, resulting in 15% of all internet traffic, up from only 10% last year. That type of metric should make everyone pay attention to mobile and not consider it as “another channel” .

More online companies are making mobile a priority. Those who have not done so initially, such as Facebook continue to hear the market challenges from not only the analysts, but also those in the startup community who want to avoid being acquired by a company that does not function correctly in that area. Their mishaps on going HTML5 vs native originally cost them additional dollars in R&D and led to many other recent acquisitions to fill in the gaps. Now, they are relying on mobile for their growth in ads and revenue, as the online world is facing the gradual decline. As they look at their user base, the easiest and most logical growth opportunity is in mobile, especially when you consider the emerging markets, where the mobile device is the only connection to the internet. Based on their recent report, those logging into the site only through mobile more than doubled over the past year.

Success for the mobile website or ad would be to have a complete click through to purchase or redemption of the offer. eMarketer estimates that 15% of US online retail will be made via a mobile device in 2013. The apps that are specifically developed for a retail outlet or store had the highest response rate, followed by the apps for a store locator or daily deal/coupon app.

Considering the growth predictions in mobile, from the usage of internet to the social sharing experience that is expected everywhere, the user experience is critical. Without that it might look like a cropped version of a website, cramped with an overload of information, ads and not utilizing the space on the screen of the mobile device, whatever the dimensions might be.

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