Mobile and Marketing in 2013

As we approach 2014 with full speed movement in place at all times, let’s take a moment to reflect back on what is new and the norm now for Mobile Marketing.

Mobile is the New Black – For many years everyone continued to say it was possibly the year of mobile – from those in the tech industry, to those in the marketing and advertising functions.  Now mobile is a must, as it is the screen that connects everyone globally and there are already more mobile devices than users/consumers in the world.  It is now integrated carefully into products, marketing, messaging and the overall future of a business or brand.

Mobile in Marketing – The digital world continues to grow in the share of marketing spend for all companies and brands, not only the big retail or CPG companies, but all the way down to the SMB market.  The digital divide is not present like it used to be – rather digital marketing, and specifically mobile is coming to the top of the priority list.  10% of all photos have been done so in the last year and digital publishing is following similar trends.  The use of mobile devices and social apps continue to drive that behavior and adding ease to the process.

Merchandising and Retail – Online and ecommerce is actually on the decline currently.  It is simply the use of mobile devices, whether it is a tablet or phone is the new place where the spending and shopping continues to increase.  From the details that show the increased marketing spend by retail channels with mobile devices to the addition of responsive design  and increased personalization in the multichannel world that marketing measures success.

Mandates – We continue to notice more rules and regulations on a global basis that impact marketing.  From the email and online laws in Europe that impact all companies that have online presence and email marketing to the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) in the US.  The move requires written, auditable consent for every consumer in a mobile database, rather than having that mobile information and consent blended with the previous opt-in campaigns that the brand/business uses.  SMS/MMS will continue to be key in mobile marketing strategies and serves as a foundation for long term connection with the customers.

Moving forward to accomplish the growth in the digital channels, mobile is now an assumed requirement.  We hope to hear your thoughts on the blog – so share your opinion today!

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