Big Bets in the Super Bowl: Mobile and Social

mobileThe big game for 2014 has passed as the snow is blowing through the NY/NJ area today.  Most of the fans in Seattle are recovering from the late parties while the Denver fans are likely back to work today.  Whatever team you were cheering for, you are still a consumer and your attention via visual and audio channels yesterday are now being measured and considered for the reports and statistics.

I was on the lookout for the use of a mobile channel throughout the broadcast, and ads that surrounded the main event.  Extremely disappointed was the verdict as mobile seemed to be missing from the overall advertising and messaging.  Those in digital marketing should be shocked and disappointed as the only presence I could locate was the call to action on a BudLight commercial with Shazam.  That was mostly promoting one app, rather than a mobile location or message related specifically to the brand.  After doing further research, it does seem that Shazam had a variety of channel promotions taking place, but the clear reference to take action on a mobile device was missing from most of the ads.  Is that an assumption that everyone was already looking at things on a mobile device, or was this proof of the lack of alignment and connection between the channels?

On the Social channel, it seemed to be an understood to have a hashtag associated with your ad as more than half of the ads included the social call to action.  There clearly were many different options that were created by the brands as well as those used by the consumers based on their viewpoints or interests.  With a game that was such a blowout, there clearly was time to focus and think of the other ideas.  The cheapest option for attention in the social channel was clearly JCPenney.  They had a couple of posts on twitter that looked like they had been hacked, or they were simply drunk or disillusioned at the moment.  The comeback was to relate the posts to the ad with the mittens, which were being worn by those managing the social media posts.  Odd, but clearly it drew attention in a very cost effective manner to the brand and its social media activity.  The winner in hashtags was clearly Esurance, with their incentive that each person using their hashtag of #ESuranceSave30 was entered to win a prize of $1.5 Million dollars in the upcoming drawing.

Real time was questionable if at all present this year.  There is nothing that compares to the famous Oreo move and marketing push when the lights went out at the previous Super Bowl.  Perhaps the complete blowout in the football game only hurt the opportunity and attention to an opportunity like that, as many viewers were likely less engaged during the second half of the game.  In summary, I would evaluate the Super Bowl as strong in social and mediocre in mobile this year.  Let’s hope for improvement and better cross channel integration in the next year.

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